26 – 27 September 2019

26th September 2019

08h00     Registration

08h30     Opening Session JMIP 2019


                Moderator: Irene Aragão

                 Achieving a Lung and diaphragm protective ventilation- Laurent Brochard


                  Moderators: Pedro Póvoa e Paulo Martins

09h15     ECMO for ARDS: When and how? – Roberto Roncon

09h30     Should we worry about mild ARDS? – Tài Pham

09h45     How can we avoid ECMO in ARDS? – Alain Mercat

10h00     EcCO2r in ARDS: is it working?- Jordi Mancebo

10h15     Discussion

10h30-11h00     Coffee Break and Poster Discussion

11h00     THEMATIC SESSION- Spontaneous Breathing in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

                 Moderators: Antero Fernandes e Paula Coutinho

11h00     The good, the bad, the uncertain- Jean-Christophe Richard

11h15     Patient self-inflicted lung injury: what should we know?- Guillaume Carteaux

11h30     NIV and HFNC in Immunosuppressed patients- Viginie Lemiale

11h45     HFNC: Time for meta-analysis?- Jordi Mancebo

12h00     Discussion


               Moderator: Irene Aragão

               Mechanical ventilation: what is done world-wide? From Lung Safe to Wean Safe – Tài Pham

12h45-14h00     Lunch

THEMATIC SESSION- Monitoring the ventilated patient

Moderator: Francisco Esteves e Ernestina Gomes

14h00    How to titrate PEEP meaningfully- Laurent Brochard

14h15     Lung and cardiac ultrasounds combined- Sylvia Mongodi

14h30    CO2 monitoring in cardiac arrest: what´s new?- Jean Christophe Richard

14h45     How I use NAVA- Hadrien Rozé

15h00     Role of ultrasound during weaning- Martin Dres

15h15      Discussion

15h30-16h00     Coffee Break

THEMATIC SESSION- Hemodynamics in critically ventilated patient

Moderators: Antonio Marques e Rui Antunes

16h00     Which target for blood pressure during shock?- Pierre Asfar

16h15      Balanced crystalloids for all?- Olivier Joannes-Boyau

16h30     Vasopressors early?- Pierre Asfar

16h45     Hemofiltration in sepsis: how much?- Oliver Joannes-Boyau

17h00     Discussion

27th September 2019


                 Moderator: Monica Almeida

Mechanical power, driving pressure and respiratory rate – Alain Mercat

THEMATIC SESSION- Assynchrony and Weaning

Moderators: João Gouveia e Fernando Rua

09h30     Reverse triggering: why it matters- Laurent Brochard

09h45     Automatic detection of dyssynchrony- Luis Blanch

10h00     My approach to difficult weaning- Martin Dres

10h15     Sleep and ventilation- Laurent Brochard

10h30     Discussion

10h30-11h00     Coffee Break and Poster Discussion

THEMATIC SESSION- Brain-Lung crosstalk- What Does It Mean

Moderator: Celeste Dias e M.João Silva

11h00     Cross-talk acute brain injury and induced lung injury – Luis Blanch

11h15     Neuromonitoring and Ventilation – Lara Prisco

11h30     Discussion

TUTORIAL- Simulation

11h45     Ventilatory modes- how to use them?- Guillaume Carteaux/Hadrien Roze

Moderator: Heloísa Castro

13h30-14h00     Lunch

THEMATIC SESSION- Ventilator associated pneumonia

Moderators: José Artur Paiva e Teresa Cardoso

14h00     Lung ultrassound for early diagnosis of VAP- Sylvia Mongodi

14h15      Fungus in airways- what to do?- Virginie Lemiale

14h30     Antibiotic stewardship in VAP: do we need institutional guidelines?- Raquel Duro

14h45     Discussion

THEMATIC SESSION- How to deal with:

Moderators: Carla Teixeira e Manuel Saraiva

15h00     Pain and delirium- Cristina Granja

15h15      ICU- acquired weakness: how to access?- Juultje Sommers

15h30     Dysphagia and evaluation of swallowing – Susana Mestre

15h45     Reahabilitation in the ICU- more than early mobilization?- Juultje Sommers

16h00     Discussion

“Conversa ao Fim da Tarde”

Moderadores: Ana Guerra e Irene Aragão

Musicoterapia na UCI– Colaboração da Associação “Música nos Hospitais” (APMHIS)

Apontamento musical 

17h30     Closing talks / Encerramento


Irene Aragão

(Presidente das Jornadas)

Rui Antunes

Teresa Cardoso