26 – 27 September 2019

Opening Lecture

– Ventilation and Support in Acute Respiratory Failure (ARF)

Prof. Laurent Brochard

About Ventilation

ARF in critical care scenario

– Why is ventilation a challenge in acute respiratory failure?

– Spontaneos Breathing in Early ARDS

– Respiratory support in ARF – NIV and HFNC

Monitoring the ventilated patient

– Transpulmonary pressure at bedside – guide ventilation

– Lung ultrasound – pulmonary edema, pnneumonia, atelectasis

– Low-tidal volume ventilation for all?

Hemodynamics in critically ventilated patient

– Echocardiogram and others noninvasive methods

– Fluids and vasopressors – what are new?

– Kidney and lung – controversial options?

ARDS now

– Protective ventilation – Don`t cause damage

– Prone and ECMO

– Should different causes of ARDS have different approaches?

Ventilatory modes – what news?

-Simulation – educational session

– Respiratory effort and assisted modalities

– Critical illnes-associated diaphragm weakness: strategies to prevent and treat? It`s feasible?


– Wean Safe

– What`s the role of NIV and HFNC?


Brain-Lung crosstalk – What Does It Mean

– Cross-talk acute brain injury and induced lung injury

– A Neuro Lung protective Ventilation in Acute Brain Injury?

– Neuromonitoring and Ventilation: what respiratory targets and strategies?


Around Ventilation – Caring for the Ventilated Patient



– The role of new microbiological diagnostic techniques in VAP

– Fungus in airways – what to do?

– New antibiotics for VAP

– Antibiotic stewardship in VAP: do we need institutional guidelines?

How to deal with

– Pain and delirium

– ICU – acquired weakness

– Dysphagia and evaluation of swallowing

– Rehabilitation – early mibilization, “keep moving”, cognitive stimulation


– Management of brain-dead donor in ICU: general and specific therapy to improve transplantable organ quality?

“Late Afternoon talk”-Opens space to debate

Music therapy in ICU

Therapeutic tool for all, patients and professionals-Experimental session


Irene Aragão

(Presidente das Jornadas)

Rui Antunes

Teresa Cardoso